The idea of forming a band came up around march 2012 by Nick Trimandilis (guitar) and Orestis Aloimonos (at that point,drums). The need of new members brought Nick Koumoundouros (lead guitar) and Anestis Dafnopoulos (bass). After the team decided that Orestis should cover the singers spot, the drum seat was filled by Sotiris Papadeas.At this point the band started participating in gigs and the music field that was chosen was a blend of alternative/heavy rock.By march 2013 Anestis and the band, decided to part ways ,so the gap was filled by George Manesiotis(bass). A series of gigs followed and the band supported bands such as Nightstalker,1000 mods,Suicidal Angels among others,changing its style into heavier and more aggressive types of music.Suddenly a dream started coming true and by march 2014 ,after deciding to take a chance to make a proposal to a major producer,Toby Wright (Metallica, Korn, Alice in Chains) agreed to work on the debut album.After a period of intense challenges of all kinds, the band landed in Nashville, Tennessee on the 31st of October 2014. Recordings took place at the legendary “Sound Emporium Studios” where names such as R.E.M or Johnny Cash had recorded albums as well.
Almost upon arrival,Stavros Tsotras (samples,backing vocals,keys) joined in adding the number of members to six.Shortly after that the band started a cooperation with the Chicago based label “Pavement Entertainment” in order to promote the upcoming debut album carrying the name “Deep Breath”..Sadly,obstacles that the band could not overcome led to the departure of Nick Trimandilis (r.guitar) and shortly after, drummer Sotiris Papadeas followed. In search of a new drummer, Haris Kolozis joined the crew and the band is full head on resetting and playing in gigs throughout Greece and abroad looking forward to promote its music and make people have a good time.