The idea of creating a band took place in Kalamata, Greece early in 2012. After a line up change the band took its final form with the newest band members in 2016. Our goal is to combine different sounds in a bound set with hard rock feeling, with strong influences from metal, punk, grunge and rock music.

The decision to attempt to work with the legendary producer Toby Wright was based on the band’s ambition to follow the dream to tour and promote its music abroad and produce the best sound possible for its material.

The debut album of the band is named “Deep Breath” and has been recorded in Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville TN. It is co-produced, mixed and engineered by Toby Wright in November 2014 and is mastered by Andrew Mendelson. It was released in the Fall of 2015 by Pavement Entertainment .

After several positive reviews from Europe and the U.S., the band launched a series of shows in order to promote “Deep Breath”, including the support act to Comeback Kid at Thessaloniki and a participation in Rockeggiando festival that took place in Eggi, Italy. By early 2018, the decision about the 2nd album was made and this time Fredrik Nordstrom would be the producer of it. So in November of the same year, O.Y.D. traveled to Fredman Studios (Gothenburg, Sweden) to record “Indigo”.

Orestis – Peter Alimonos – Vocals

George Manesiotis- Bass Guitar

Nick Koumoundouros – Guitar

Haris Kolozis – Drums

Stavros Tsotras – Keys/ Samples/ Backing Vocals